Residential Moves


  • Life can be stressful enough without having to worry about an upcoming move. Our comprehensive moving services include, among many other things, a complete packing guide and our moving checklist. Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc. will assist you in all, or as many as you require, aspects of your upcoming move. 

International Moves


  • With our partnership of full service international relocation companies, Arpin International and Rainier Overseas, Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc. is committed to managing all major transportation aspects of any international move to ease personal difficulties that can arise when making an international move; this also helps to ensure timely delivery of goods, resulting in reduction of overall charges and personal inconveniences.

Corporate Moves


  • Whether you're a corporate relocation manager or a relocating employee, Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc DBA Arpin of Monterey and Arpin Van Lines recognize the importance of finding an efficient mover who will ensure the highest level of service. From point of origin to final destination Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc will provide relocating employees exactly what they deserve... the best. For example, a guaranteed pick-up on an exact day with a two day window of delivery compared to the industry standard of seven days.

Office Moves


As part of Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc. efforts to provide complete moving services we offer commercial moving services too. If you're just replacing carpet or moving across town we provide the tools you need to continue to provide quality services to your customers throughout your moving process; tools like scheduling flexibility to keep the inconvenience to your customers at a minimum. Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc will help you maintain your piece of mind, confident that we have the know-how to breakdown and reassemble your most sensitive equipment.

Business Records Management


You're used to Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc. protecting your personal and private household items, but did you know that we provide services that help protect your personal and business information. Storing your, or your customers, documents is just one small part of the services we provide to make it easy for you, and impossible for anyone else, to access the sensitive information you entrust us with.

Our shredding services (document destruction) are performed at our facility using a cross cutting industrial shredder capable of shredding a full box of papers in a matter of seconds. We also provide you with pickup and/or delivery options like two regular service windows daily, immediate delivery for those times you need information "right now", secure fax service, and secure on site access.




Monterey Transfer & Storage, Inc now has available 32 gallon, 64 gallon and 96 gallon secure containers for use at your facility that you can fill up with paperwork to be destroyed, call us and we will trade an empty container for your full container; we will then transport your full container back to our facility and destroy all contents as described above. (Certificates of Destruction are available upon request)

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